slip casting new form


slip fun



water carving cups


Designing the tray


Water erosion shelf


tile in process


Mid Term critque set up


trimming teapot and watching the World Series (GO GIANTS!!!!)


starting to glaze my work


Glazing in Process


first glazing of a new form


Rhino Modeling forms


Loading glaze


creating a mold from a CNC milled form


starting mass production slip casting



Loading a large Bisque


CNC Milling lampshade


Throwing vase form


Spring 2014 Midterm Critique



Pitcher form after milled out of pink foam



Pitcher form slip cast



Pitcher slip cast detail



Pitcher slip cast detail



Messing around with my forms



Milling out wood handles for teapot


Fall 2013 critque set up


Thrown jar form


Jar form waiting to get Bisqued



Jar form glaze fired



Jar form Glazed



Jar test Glaze



Jar form hot out of the kiln



Big jar waiting to get Bisque


Gourd vase mid-process



gourd vase waiting to get bisque



4/16/14 – This is a picture of me preparing to trim 16 plates and bowls for my final.  For the final this semester I have been working with a fibers artist to accomplish a collaborative piece where I make a functioning table setting while she makes functioning placemats, napkins and a table runner.  This image was taken right before I started trimming the plates and bowls and I actually had to make another eight plates before I began the actual trim work.


4/2/14 – This is an object that support a glass mantle above a fireplace.  This sphere had a previous function and it was a paper weight before it was attached to support the glass mantle.  This reminds me of how Frank Lloyd Wright works around his buildings.  The air bubbles that are in the sphere are uncontrolled elements, but it works harmoniously because it still accomplishes its functions.


3/26/14 – This is a 2010 trophy commissioned by a student for the KC Film Fest.  This trophy was an award for the Best Shit.  The reason why I am so interested in this object is because it is a sculptural item that can stand on its own, but it does serve a function – much like a lamp shade, a paperweight or a cabinet knob. However, this also commemorates a special event.  It is a piece of engaging art on its own, yet it serves a function.  Simply stated, it is a beautiful award.


3/19/14 – This is a metal support for a glass elevated countertop.  It is a piece of furniture where form follows function and it is also questioning the idea of function because it is visually appealing and a work of art in and of itself, but it is functional because it elevates the countertop.


3/12/14 – This is a ewer by Shawn Spangler.  This artist throws and attaches multiple components to create a complex form while using simplistic glazes to idealize the ewer in general.  Spangler has been a very large influence on my art because I feel like I approach my art through form and function, much as he approaches his art.  I tend to glaze my pieces more simply to show off the form and the craftsmanship of my pieces.


3/5/14 – Lake Tahoe is a beautiful sanctuary where anyone who visits is able to truly find peace.  It is located on the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and is my second home. Whenever I think of Lake Tahoe I think of family, friends, nature, and fun.  When I am there, I find it inspirational.


2/26/14 This is my object from home this light is in a pair and is on either side of my kitchen sink. This light was designed by my father and then was produced by a sculptor. the reason why I’m so interested in this form is because of the geometric forms that are produced from the combination of the light, metal and glass. I would that this is a major inspiration for what I am making in my studio currently. this light is able to match my parents kitchen because of the feeling of the of the sharp and defined lines throughout my parents whole house hold.

10/8/13  this is a glass studio out of Seattle working on a huge glass piece. I find to be very similar to ceramic because ceramics use heat to give or pice’s life as well as glass artist, there process of making a liquid into a solid is very interesting as well because of the transformation that takes place. this video show the teamwork that takes place to make this piece and I feel like our studio is similar but not the same because we will always bounce ideas off of one anther, but on the other hand we do not work with the team work that this studio does.

10/8/13  I this is an artist that extrudes a long coil of clay into a mold. process video are way more telling of how anyone works I’ve always find it amazing to watch people work with there hands to create amazing things. This way of a simple form is right up my ally because I love to see a simple pure form lines uninterrupted in space.

10/8/13  this is a video of a japan’s potter process video. he does this in time lapse video which is very interesting to see the process of how artist approach there work, because we use all the same tools but we use them in different ways. I use a lot of time lapse photography to record my process because I see it as having a better way to document my own work


10/1/13 I’ve always seen myself as an applied artist rather then a fine artist, so I always find forms more inserting rather then ideas. this piece by Lilach Lotan is very thought provoking for me because of the different lines of the piece interact with the lines of the piece. I am very interested in design based forms because of the simplicity of the piece.


10/1/13  the brake vent of a 1969 mustang is an example of finding forms in everyday life everyone just has to stop and look at the world around them. the way the metal incases this amazing machine and to make an incredible lines and shows the true craftsmanship of the 60’s. I’ve always find it amazing to see the craftsmanship in everyday object like cars or table’s and other everyday objects


10/1/13  this 1969 mustang’s headlight curve is very interesting because of how it interacts with the other line’s that the car creates with the fender and the front grill. this is a perfect example of looking at everything in your personal life at different angles to explore the object. I am very interested in how different lines of an object interact with each other to create the form as a whole.

Ceramic Cycladic Vase Glazes White against Silver W MS 9/24/13  This modern ceramic vase was inspired by ancient Cycladic art from the anderson studio is amazingly simply and its not nearly as overwhelming as other modern ceramics. I am a strong believer in simpler is better and goes double for my forms as well. the simplicity of the glazing isn’t distracting to the form which I believe is best way to show of a truly amazing simple form sarah hillman 9/24/13  this piece by Sarah Hillman is another piece where it looks effortless but there is so much that goes into this piece. the way she cuts her piece’s to reveal the inner volume to so off her craftsmanship is amazing to me because she isn’t trying to hide anything. she highlights the interior with different color glaze on the interior which brings the viewer to really take a closer look at the piece. contemperay ceramics 9/24/13  this form by Lucio Fontana is a new age non-traditional form that simple and elegant. these are very challenging forms to make but they look effortless which is the truebeauty of these pieces. the horizontal format of these Pieces gives the pieces a completely feeling to it and if it was vertical then these wouldn’t have the same weightless feeling as it does now. jeffpitcher 9/17/13  the Jeff Campana pitcher shows a very organic form but with a very tight organized seams throughout the whole piece. this pieces shows the very tight organized patterning that man is trying to impose on everything they produce. this idea speaks very true to me because I like to have my piece’s very structured and organized much like how Campana is demonstrating in this piece as well as his other piece’s. icecle 9/17/13  these Andy Goldsworthy piece’s is an example of how people are able to coexist in nature. these piece’s are example of an effortless looking artwork that also requires a lot of time and patience to create. these are traits that I would like to bring into my work. tree and wall 9/17/13   the interaction of man and nature and how man a very structured and organize force is forced to adapt around the the natural force that is nature itself. I always find it more impressive if man finds a way around nature without destroying it to make way for the “all powerful man”. I hope that people find a way around nature and not away of destroying for selfish personal gain nature-will-find-a-way 9/10/13  “Nature will find a way” that is what I searched to find inspiration of overcoming an overbearing force like man on nature. Man is always trying to control how nature interacts to with men in general. I am a firm believer in leaving nature to do what it does best and that is to let out grow man and to choose it’s own path. tomato 9/10/13    This is the perfect example of how men and nature interact and that nature will always find a way to grow and prosper. I hope to replicate this form because of the tight geometric form and yet it has a very loose organic feel to it. As I stated before I find it very interesting how man tries to control nature but nature will always find a way to out grow it’s barriers and to overcome man. 9/10/13   This image is an inspiration of form and a challenge to replicate into a vessel. This gourd  is an organic architectural form which really caught my eye because of the repeated organic patterns, but is very structured. I’ve always been interested in how men and nature interact and how more often then not nature wins over man.


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